Update | Wishlist management updates

A few changes have been made to the wishlist management page, following some community feedback.

  • Auto-complete dropdown size limited, and vertical scrollbar added
  • Ability to add all tents to wishlist added
  • Wishlist capacity increased from 10 to 20 items


To add all tents to your wishlist in a single submission, search for “all tents” in the dropdown list and select ALL Tents (Incl. Heated) from the list, before clicking the Add to Wishlist button.

Update | Wishlist sales notifications

We have added wishlists to UHC. These are like those found on most other websites. A place for you to add items from theHunter store to your wishlist. “What’s the point?”, you might ask. Well, there are a few reasons for introducing this functionality to UHC. The first and most important reason, is to offer sales notifications whenever an item on your wishlist goes on sale. Other reasons include mainly gifting reasons. From time to time UHC hosts prize draws, and wishlists will allow us to gift wishlist items as prizes. In addition to this, UHC will be starting a new weekly wishlist incentive. More information on that coming in another update, very soon.

How does it work?
Really simple. Log into your UHC account then go to the Toolbox. There, you will find a Your Wishlist option near the bottom. Now you can start adding items to your wishlist. For the time being, wishlists are limited to 10 items. We may review this number depending on feedback.

To begin just start typing in the textbox. Any items matching your entry will be presented in a dropdown list.

When you find the item you’re looking for, left-click on it to select it. You can then either view the item, or add it to your wishlist. To view more information about the item you’ve selected, click the View Item button. This will take you to a page where you can see some basic information about the item, similar to that of the official store page.

From here you can add the item to your wishlist (or remove it if it’s already on your wishlist). You can also view the item in the official store, or you can go back to the main wishlist management page.

To remove an item from your wishlist from the main wishlist management page, click the trash can icon on the corresponding row, as indicated above.

Finally, to share your wishlist with fellow UHC members, click the share (or unshare) toggle switch.


Set Wishlist Sales Notifications
What good is a wishlist if you don’t receive a notification when an item on your wishlist goes on sale, right? Well, you can set your notification preferences under the main UHC account management page. Just click the Account tab on the main menu across the top, then scroll down to Wishlist Item Sales Notifications.

Select your preference from the options:

  • No notifications
  • UHC inbox notifications (an internal UHC message)
  • Email notifications (an automated email from UHC)
  • UHC inbox & email notifications

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Don’t forget to click Update Account Settings when you’ve updated your notification preferences. Then, when an item on your wishlist goes on sale, you will be notified as per your notification preferences.


If you add an item to your wishlist after it has gone on sale, you will not be notified. The item has to be on your wishlist at the point when it goes on sale. Otherwise, it’s your responsibility to check the sales section of the main theHunter store.


View Shared Wishlists
If a UHC member has shared their wishlist, you will be able to view it on the Shared Wishlists page. You can find a link to that in the Toolbox. To share or unshare your own wishlist, remember you can flip the toggle switch on your wishlist management page here.


That’s all for now. Hopefully this feature will be of some use to UHC members.


Please post any questions or concerns here in the forum, thanks.

Another short update.

  • .30-06 Lever Action Rifle (Forest Camo) added
  • “Fuzzy Wuzzy” mission objectives updated due to grey Grizzly Bear fur variation bug in the game


Please post any questions or concerns here in the forum, thanks.

Essential Server Maintenance

11 May 2018, 01:00 CEST (Europe/Stockholm)

We will be carrying out some essential server maintenance at the above time. This maintenance should take no more than 2 hours. During this time, the UHC website will be intermittently unavailable and will not function correctly. It is our recommendation that you avoid using the website between 01:00 and 03:00 CEST.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Please post any questions or concerns here in the forum, thanks.

Update | Hosting terms, customisable profile pages and more

Hosting Terms & Conditions
As UHC grows and the number of members hosting competitions increases, the more important it is for us to set some requirements and guidelines for hosts. We have tried to keep things simple but welcome any questions or concerns. When submitting a competition hosting request, hosts will now be asked to accept the hosting terms and conditions. These can be found here.

Privacy Policy
UHC takes your privacy seriously and as such, we have added our privacy policy to the website. You can find it here. If any existing UHC members do not accept the privacy policy or wish to discuss their private information or account in more detail, please email support.

Customisable Profile Pages
This feature, still in development, will allow UHC members to build their very own UHC profile pages which will be visible to everyone. No need to be logged into your UHC account to view them. In fact, no need to even have a UHC account to view them.

The profile pages will show a lot of official theHunter data, much like you can find on your existing theHunter profile, only it will be organised and formatted in a way that UHC thinks is more informative and visually pleasing. Profiles will feature a vast number of customisable options, including but not limited to:

  • Background images (up to 100 to choose from)
  • Powerful graphing tools to show your theHunter and UHC stats in all their visual glory
  • Integration with YouTube for content creators
  • Integration with a number of popular image hosting platforms
  • Integration with Twitter and Instagram for sharing images and other information with friends
  • Display your UHC trophies and awards
  • Display your UHC achievement badges (also coming soon) and rank information
  • Unique widgets (16 and growing) for displaying theHunter and UHC information

Work continues on this project and we will provide another update very soon. In the meantime, here is a sample of what the first page can look like. Much of the first page is also customisable, including background image and the content areas at the bottom of the screenshot.


That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.


Please post any questions or concerns here in the forum, thanks.

Update | Map Browser Improvements

Some updates to the EHR map browser.

  • mouse pointer is no longer a hand, except when dragging/panning the map
  • map panning function that will jump to a given set of coordinates and place a small marker
  • full-screen map option added

You can find the map browser here. The new controls have been added to the bottom of the page, below map. In the full-screen map, the controls are at the top of the page and the real-time coordinates are displayed at the bottom.

Coordinates should be entered in the standard format, e.g. 1024, -2048. You can also paste coordinates from a scoresheet.


Please post any questions or concerns here in the forum, thanks.

Update | Past Competitions

Since people often struggle to find past (finished) competitions, we’ve added a page to UHC that should help.

  • Past Competitions

How it works

This page offers UHC members a way to view, search, sort and filter past competitions.

On the top-right of the table there is a Search field. Use this to filter the results, e.g. “pintail” will yield all results where the competition involves this species, or has that word somewhere in the title or description.

Sort the columns in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column headings.

Open the official competition page by clicking the Open Competition Page link next to the corresponding competition. This will open the competition page on theHunter website, in a new tab.

To access this feature click here or find it in the UHC toolbox.


Please post any questions or concerns here in the forum, thanks.

Update | Missions, draws and more

Hello folks, and welcome to the first update on the UHC news website. This is where future updates and announcements will be posted. Links to these updates will be posted in theHunter forum.


Stan’s first mission pack, “Test of Strength”, is now finished. For those that already made it through the first several missions, well done. They get tougher as the mission pack progresses, but the rewards also get better. Sorry it took so long to finish this pack. Good luck, and enjoy.

For those that were wondering, the UHC character “Stan” is a tribute to the wonderfully grumpy, but extremely friendly and helpful stancomputerhunter from our beloved community.

In addition to Stan’s mission pack, there’s another brand new mission pack now available. This pack is brought to you by community member Nockedup who kindly agreed to help create a new UHC character and accompanying pack of missions. The pack is called Furs Things First and comes from One Eyed Jack, an old drifter looking to make a quick buck.

We hope you enjoy the mission pack, and we extend a sincere thank you to Nockedup for his hard work and creative input. Check out the new mission pack here.


Interactive Prize Draws
As many of you will already be aware, UHC is known for hosting regular prize draws in which UHC members get a chance to win fantastic prizes; anything from store items, to em$ and memberships. Well, now we have a new kind of prize draw, a unique idea brought to you by our community’s very own Tanngnjostr.

Interactive prize draws work the same as regular prize draws. Winners are randomly selected on the announced draw date. However, with interactive prize draws, there are a couple of differences. The first difference is that there are limited places available, and this number can vary from one draw to the next. The second is that, to enter an interactive prize draw, you need to fulfil a special requirement. This requirement changes with every prize draw.

To test this exciting new system, the first prize draw will be simple and will hopefully give everyone an idea of how it works and what to expect in the future. To enter this draw, you must harvest a male Whitetail Deer with zero wound time, using any permitted ammunition. Your entry number in the draw will be determined by your shot distance in meters, rounded down. There are limited numbers in this draw, and they start at 51 and end at 100. That means if your Whitetail Deer is shot at a distance of 71.89m, you will be entry number 71 in the draw.

Once a number is taken, it will no longer be available to anyone else. Once all 50 numbers are taken, no further entries will be accepted. You can find the first interactive prize draw here. Good luck, enjoy, and a special thanks to Tanngnjostr for sharing this unique idea with UHC.


Reserve Setups
If you didn’t already know, you can now share your reserve setups with other players and UHC members. This is a simple tool for UHC members that allows you to showcase the hard work and effort that went into setting up your reserves. Share them with a unique link, or create a listing so other UHC members can find and view them. You can find this tool here.


Square Brackets
UHC is now part of a company called Square Brackets LLC. This company was recently incorporated in San Francisco, a private company owned by David Mitchell which will be focusing on many exciting software and gaming projects in the future, including lots of exciting changes and developments for UHC.

This changes nothing for UHC members. All data collected by UHC will remain strictly private and confidential, and will never be sold to or shared with third parties. UHC will remain a free service, without ads.

Square Brackets’ registered address is:

548 Market Street
San Francisco
California 94104


Please post any questions or concerns here in the forum, thanks.