Update | Past Competitions

Since people often struggle to find past (finished) competitions, we’ve added a page to UHC that should help.

  • Past Competitions

How it works

This page offers UHC members a way to view, search, sort and filter past competitions.

On the top-right of the table there is a Search field. Use this to filter the results, e.g. “pintail” will yield all results where the competition involves this species, or has that word somewhere in the title or description.

Sort the columns in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column headings.

Open the official competition page by clicking the Open Competition Page link next to the corresponding competition. This will open the competition page on theHunter website, in a new tab.

To access this feature click here or find it in the UHC toolbox.


Please post any questions or concerns here in the forum, thanks.