Update | Hosting terms, customisable profile pages and more

Hosting Terms & Conditions
As UHC grows and the number of members hosting competitions increases, the more important it is for us to set some requirements and guidelines for hosts. We have tried to keep things simple but welcome any questions or concerns. When submitting a competition hosting request, hosts will now be asked to accept the hosting terms and conditions. These can be found here.

Privacy Policy
UHC takes your privacy seriously and as such, we have added our privacy policy to the website. You can find it here. If any existing UHC members do not accept the privacy policy or wish to discuss their private information or account in more detail, please email support.

Customisable Profile Pages
This feature, still in development, will allow UHC members to build their very own UHC profile pages which will be visible to everyone. No need to be logged into your UHC account to view them. In fact, no need to even have a UHC account to view them.

The profile pages will show a lot of official theHunter data, much like you can find on your existing theHunter profile, only it will be organised and formatted in a way that UHC thinks is more informative and visually pleasing. Profiles will feature a vast number of customisable options, including but not limited to:

  • Background images (up to 100 to choose from)
  • Powerful graphing tools to show your theHunter and UHC stats in all their visual glory
  • Integration with YouTube for content creators
  • Integration with a number of popular image hosting platforms
  • Integration with Twitter and Instagram for sharing images and other information with friends
  • Display your UHC trophies and awards
  • Display your UHC achievement badges (also coming soon) and rank information
  • Unique widgets (16 and growing) for displaying theHunter and UHC information

Work continues on this project and we will provide another update very soon. In the meantime, here is a sample of what the first page can look like. Much of the first page is also customisable, including background image and the content areas at the bottom of the screenshot.


That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.


Please post any questions or concerns here in the forum, thanks.