Update | Lifetime Personal Bests

What is it?
UHC has offered personal best information, broken down by season, for quite some time. It was brought to our attention however, that it would be useful to see personal best information across all seasons, without having to manually pick out the best from each season and compare the data.

This functionality has now been added. On the Personal Bests page, you can now find “All seasons” in the dropdown menu. Selecting this option will take your highest score and longest shot for each animal, across all seasons, and present the information in a single table.

Please note, you must first retrieve the data for all seasons in which you played the game. Once that data has been retrieved (you only need to do it once per season) it will be saved by UHC forever. To do this, simply cycle through each season that you played by selecting the corresponding number from the aforementioned dropdown menu, then click the Retrieve Data button.

Remember, you can filter the content displayed by entering keywords in the search field at the top-right of the table. For example, typing “score whitetail” will filter the results to show only your highest scoring whitetail deer.

Give it a shot. We hope you find this little add-on useful.


Please post any questions or concerns here in the forum, thanks.