Update | New Season & News

New Season
A new season started this week, which means the theHunter leaderboards have been cleared. Time to get back out there and find some high scoring critters. In the meantime, if you need to check your highest scoring animals (or longest shots) from season 23, you can do so using the UHC Personal Best tool. All data from season 23 is now ready.

Personal Best Tool

If you’re not already a UHC member, please join us. The service is free and always will be, and we offer a range of useful tools and add-ons for theHunter. You can join here.

It has been a while since the last UHC update, for which we apologise, but there are some exciting things in the pipeline which we hope will add even more value to the UHC website.

Timescales are a bit fuzzy at the moment, but the following features are planned for the coming weeks and months:

  • UHC Trophy Room
  • UHC Leaderboards
  • Improved Signature Stats

UHC Trophy Room
It was suggested that we create a page where UHC members can showcase the trophies they win from community competitions. So, that’s what we’re going to do. There will be some work involved to collate all the trophy images so that historic trophies are available on release, but we have some neat ideas for this feature and we hope you will like it when it’s ready.

UHC Leaderboards
They have them on theHunter website, so we figured we’d have our own private leaderboards, with a number of different categories in addition to highest scoring animals. More information will be available soon, but we hope to perhaps introduce bonuses for the members that reach the top of each category.

Improved Signature Stats
In addition to the stats and reporting tools available to members on the UHC website, there are a couple of UHC stats pages which players can view without being a UHC member. Many players already have links to this in their forum signatures. Well, it’s about time it had an update. In addition to adding a bit more information, both on the season and lifetime stats tabs, we plan to make this page nicer, more intuitive, and above all, responsive. This will make it display better on smaller screens and smartphones, but it will also make it look nicer in general, regardless of display size. More information on this coming soon. If you want to access the existing pages in the meantime, just use the URL below and replace “caledonianblues” with your own theHunter username.


That’s all for now. We will try to make updates a bit more regularly in 2019. As always, if you have an idea for the UHC website, or a particular feature you would like to see added, just post a comment in the UHC Apps thread on the official forum. We’re always happy to hear ideas and suggestions.