Update | Registration

Due to the recent change in the commercial model of theHunter Classic, we have had to alter the UHC registration process slightly. Previously, users were asked to confirm the date on which their theHunter membership was due to end. Now that memberships are treated differently, there is a new process.

Now, users will be sent a message on theHunter website from “DocWho”. The message will contain a 6-digit verification code, which must be typed into the UHC registration form. The process is really simple. You first enter your email address, your theHunter username and forum name, along with the other usual questions such as country and timezone, desired password, then you will be asked to enter the verification code. Simply log into your theHunter account and check your messages at this stage, then copy-paste the code into the UHC form.

New users will still be required to verify their email address. This process has not changed. An automated email will be sent with a verification link, which must be clicked. If any users do not receive this email, first check for it in junk and spam folders. Otherwise, please get in touch with support@uhcapps.co.uk as we are aware that some mail providers block the emails.

Thank you, and our apologies for any inconvenience caused to users trying to register in the last couple of days.